12 Gems From The Weimar Era

When exploring the films of Germany that were made between the world wars, it’s impossible not to stumble in the ruts made by giants with clumsy boots. Lotte Eisner cast a haunted pall over the era, Siegfried Kracauer found premonitions of Nazis behind every decorative element, and the film noir squad claims every film with a shadow to be “German expressionism.”

The films of the Weimar era may be the richest and most varied group of films ever produced in the same locale and these dozen films show an entirely different take on the Weimar years and need to be seen. 

Backstairs Cyankali Emil and the Detectives Fräulein Else
Saltea Dormitor Cluj Nerves Taxi Gatwick The Living Corpse
The White Hell of Pitz Palu Viktor / Viktoria Kuhle Wampe Trading Cryptocurrency Taxi Heathrow to London